How to clean laminate flooring

How to Clean Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has many advantages that make it the perfect choice for living rooms, dining rooms, remodeling, among others. However, as nothing is perfect, the cleaning of these floors has its complications. But there is nothing to worry about because here you will find everything you need to know about how to clean laminate flooring. We leave you with the best advice and the detailed steps to do it.

Here we go,

To clean laminate flooring is no big deal, you just have to know what’s important and have the right elements. That’s why we carry out detailed research into which products and tools you can and cannot use to keep your laminate floor looking like new. The first thing you need to know is that laminate flooring and liquids (either water or liquid cleaning products) are not good friends. With this first tip, we begin.

What you will need to clean laminate flooring

First of all, you must have all the tools and of course, the materials for cleaning:


  • Cleaning liquids (according to your choice)
  • Vinegar (optional)
  • Isopropyl alcohol (optional)


  • Vacuum with a hose with attachments
  • Soft-bristle broom
  • Microfiber mop

Step by step to clean laminate flooring

Don’t forget that water and laminate flooring don’t mix. Therefore, to clean laminate flooring follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Start dry cleaning

Firstly, the dry cleaning of laminate flooring is essential. Due to it keeps the floor as free as possible from the dust grit that can scratch the floor underneath your shoes. It also reduces the use of water and liquids that can damage your floor irreversibly. Therefore, it is suggested that this cleaning be done constantly on your floors.

  1. Use a soft-bristle broom and a vacuum cleaner with hose and accessories for this cleaning. The broom allows you to keep the floor free of dust and the vacuum helps you to reach the most difficult places.
  2. After that, vacuum to pick up large dirt by placing the vacuum in its lowest position. Then sweep up any remaining dust from the edges to the inside.
  3. Once you have finished sweeping, switch the vacuum to the hose so that you can vacuum in the corners and in the difficult places where the vacuum and the broom could not reach.
Soft-bristle broom

Vacuum with a hose with attachments

Step 2: Wipe the floor with the wet microfiber mop

Once you have dry-cleaned your laminate flooring, use a microfiber mop moistened with the product of your choice (See “Choose the liquid to be applied”) and mop the floor with this tool. It is important to note that the mop must be damp and not wet because if the microfiber mop contains too much water it is likely to cause damage to your floors.

  1. Apply the selected liquid (See “Choose the liquid to be applied”) preferably in the wet mop. If you apply it on the floor, be sure to use a small amount to avoid mistakes and problems.
  2. Then wipe the wet mop in one direction only, making sure not to leave any gaps and to clean all corners of the place.
How to Clean Laminate Flooring

Tip: Mop your floor with the wet microfiber mop in the direction you laid the floor. This collects the dirt between the grooves and the cleaning is more effective.

Step 3: Choose the cleaner to be applied

To be able to properly choose the liquid to be used for the cleaning of your laminate floors. Please note, common forms of floor cleaning MUST NOT be used on laminate floors. Not only will it affect the inner layer causing it to swell, but also you will lose the warranty of your laminate floor.

The liquids that can be used for cleaning laminate floors are varied, both in price tags and results. And it is important to know that, an expensive cleaner is not always the best option.

Among the liquids that can be used, there are from the most economical (homemade), which include a mixture of hot water with vinegar. These liquids, in addition to being very economical, are more sustainable with the environment than laminate flooring cleaners.

To make it at home just add to half a liter of hot water, the same amount of vinegar. You can add isopropyl alcohol to keep your floors shiny and clean, even it will help to keep them disinfected and prevent viruses from spreading.

Homemade cleaner

There are also more expensive solutions (particularly for laminate flooring). Among these the most recommended is Black Diamond because of the high qualifications of its users. It is suggested that, if you are going to use this product, spray it on the mop and not on the floor directly. They have advantages over household cleaners, mainly in terms of odor and static control of laminate floors.

Common mistakes when cleaning laminate flooring

For maintaining your laminate floors and avoiding frustration and bad times, keep in mind that you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t use steam cleaning as this is unnecessary for laminate floors and may cause irreversible damage to your floors.
  • Avoid cleaning your laminate floors with a traditional wet mop, it can leave a not very nice mark on your floor.
  • Stop using abrasives, keep liquids, and abrasive materials away from your laminate floors. They can cause unnecessary scratches and wear.
  • Regarding the liquids, you should not use on your laminate floors are soap and oil detergent. These products can cause deformations and delaminations that deform the floor.
  • Furthermore, waxes and products that give your laminate flooring a shine instead can dull the gloss of your laminates.
  • Finally, do not use abrasive cleaners or chlorinated cleaners. These products will remove the gloss finish from the laminate flooring and may cause the floor to become stained and change color.

Useful tips

To conclude, we leave you with some final tips for laminate flooring maintenance, which you should not forget.

  • Clean laminate floors immediately after spilling any liquid on it.
  • Sweep and vacuum your floor frequently to keep it free of dirt and dust.
  • Never slide heavy objects over your laminate floors. If you need to do so, place a rug under the object to slide it in gently.

If you keep in mind these steps and tips on how to clean laminate flooring, you are sure to enjoy your beautiful, shiny floors for years to come.

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