LifeProof Vinyl Flooring

Durable, scratch-resistant and waterproof. LifeProof vinyl flooring is what you’re looking for, it’s definitely the best choice to bring life into your home… with wide designs and tones.

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Things You Should Know

LifeProof vinyl flooring can be found in LVP (luxury vinyl planks). Or also in LVT (luxury vinyl tile). They have properties that make them look real and water-resistant. Besides having important advantages such as guarantees for life and more. So natural that it will be very hard to distinguish them from solid wood. Stay until the end to know everything about this product. We show you:

  • Manufacturing
  • Wear layer categories
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Unique features
  • Pros and cons
  • How to choose the right flooring

What is LifeProof vinyl flooring?

Similar to vinyl and laminate flooring. Life-proof vinyl flooring is manufactured in layers. However, the layers of these floors make them unique. Their ISOCORE layer is what makes them special. This is a closed-cell waterproof foam core. Here’s what the layers are:

Lifeproof vinyl plank flooring

  • Bottom layer or underlayment: This floor has a pre-installed underlayment. This layer is made of HDPE plastic. It can also be understood as a pad attached to the floor. At the bottom of the floor. In addition, this layer is anti-microbial.
  • Core layer: This layer is known as the ISOCORE. It can measure up to 5mm. The materials are extruded vinyl so they are waterproof. Due to this, they do not absorb water.
  • Design layer: This layer is what makes it a luxury vinyl. It contains realistic designs similar to wood or stone. It measures about 2mm.
  • Wear layer: This layer has several important properties. First, its thickness can be about 8mm. This makes your floor LifeProof and durable. Second, the materials are made of ceramic beads or ECB. This gives the floor hardness and texture to the design. Third, it is equipped with Ultra-Fresh technology. It means that it is also allergy-friendly.

Wear layer categories

One of the most important features of LifeProof vinyl flooring is its wear layer. This is also called the protective layer. Its importance is because it defines the floor’s lifetime. Besides the period of the warranty. The length of time your floor lasts is what determines whether or not it’s LifeProof. In this sense, the protective layer is what can make a floor LifeProof.

There are mainly three thicknesses of the wear layer. It can be 6 mm, 12 mm, or 22 mm. In addition, there is a residential warranty and a commercial warranty. With these parameters in mind, we explain each of them.

Vinyl flooring wear layer

6 mm wear layer

This is the most common in LifeProof vinyl flooring. That’s why your warranty for residential use is a lifetime. Additionally, for commercial use, you have a 5-year warranty. It is also manufactured in polyurethane for extra strength. Ceramic beads have been added. However, despite its hardness, it is still considered thin. That is why its use is focused on entrances or halls.

On the other hand, when it comes to styles, they are not extensive. It is possible to find different tones. So you can find one of your tastes. And as for designs, you will find worn wood, parquet type. You can also find a stone look.

Pros: It has a better guarantee than other similar floors. 

Cons: They are more expensive than other mid-range floors.

12 mm wear layer

LifeProof vinyl flooring guarantee with a 12 mm wear layer is for life. While the commercial warranty is 10 years. Also, in designs, this floor usually looks like tile. You will also find them in a parquet style.  

On the other hand, its uses are mainly in homes. In other words, residential use. This floor will give you a few long years of use. It is also suitable for commercial use. You can use them in offices and light commercial spaces.

Pros: Lifetime warranty for residential use, high durability. 

Cons: Less range of styles and designs.

22 mm wear layer

It has a lifetime residential warranty. In addition, your commercial warranty is 15 years. It comes in extra-long 72″ boards compared to the standard. Because its main use is in large commercial spaces. It is also used in homes with big dogs.

Pros: it has the best guarantee in its class. 

Cons: the styles and designs are limited. However, the existing styles are high-end.

How to install LifeProof vinyl flooring

If you are a DIY lover. You’ll love to install LifeProof flooring. For installation, you need a tapping block. As well as a rubber hammer. LifeProof vinyl flooring is installed as a floating floor. They can also be installed in an interlocking way or directly on the sub-floor.

It is suitable for installation on old floors. However, if they are laminate or wood, you will prefer to remove them before installation. This product does not require acclimatization time.

For installation. First, be sure to measure your space. Once you have calculated the size and divided by the size of the planks, you will know how many boxes you require. Always buy more. Because you may need it in case you make a wrong cut. Or in case you need a change in the future.

Then, start placing the planks in the first row. They are set with the click system. So, for the final planks, we used the hitting block and the rubber hammer. Continue with the second row. Be sure to insert the grooves. Finally, cut the boards in the last row if necessary. There you go, with these simple steps you will enjoy your LifeProof floors.

Vinyl plank flooring

LifeProof vinyl flooring maintenance

Because of its “LifeProof” quality. These floors are extremely durable. However, care is never overdone. On any type of floor. Its ISOCORE layer guarantees long term durability.

That’s why LifeProof floors are easy to maintain. So, to maintain them, consider frequent cleaning. When we say frequently we mean two or three times a week. This cleaning can include vacuuming. As well as sweeping your floors to avoid dust accumulation.

If you require a deeper cleaning. You can use soap and water to mop them up. Because they are waterproof floors.


LifeProof vinyl flooring maintenance

Considering the layers that make up the LifeProof vinyl flooring. They have properties that make them unique. Their bottom layer makes them allergy-friendly. In addition, their core makes them waterproof. Also, their design layer gives them incredible relief. Finally, their wear layer makes them last a lifetime.


The lower layer gives these floors two features. The first makes them very quiet, being a barrier against sound. The second is that it makes them antimicrobial. Ideal for people with allergies. Also suitable for homes with children or pets.

Allergy friendly flooring


Their rigid ISOCORE core makes them 100% waterproof. Due to the materials in which they are made. And besides, they have been extruded to be water-resistant.

Vinyl flooring waterproof


Apart from having almost natural reliefs. They have wide planks that make them beautiful. Their deep relief makes them almost as natural as oak or walnut. This relief is due to the engraving method. It is called embossed in register or EIR.

Vinyl flooring designs


The wear layer provides durability. Especially if they are 22 mm LifeProof floors. In addition, this feature is related to the warranty. These floors are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Durable vinyl flooring

LifeProof vinyl flooring pros and cons

Whenever you go to choose your floors. You should review the pros and cons. Generally, they are associated with their uses. That’s why we list their main advantages and disadvantages:

LifeProof vinyl flooring pros

  • Lifetime Warranty: All LifeProof flooring lines offer a lifetime warranty. This is possible due to their protective layer. Even on 6 mm thick floors. Because it has ceramic particles inside its materials.
  • Waterproof: Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Besides, with their designs, they are perfect for almost every place in the home.
  • Easy installation: Perfect for do-it-yourselfers. Installation is simple. Besides, it does not require heavy machinery to achieve it.
  • Durable: The main advantage of LifeProof floors. With lifetime guarantees. More durable than other mid-range vinyl flooring.

LifeProof vinyl flooring cons

  • Designs and styles: Although the designs of these floors are incredible. The variety is not as wide as in other product lines. However, you are sure to find the one you are looking for.
  • Value to your home: The LifeProof floor is an excellent long-term option. However, if you plan to sell your home in the short term. You may prefer other options.

How to choose the right LifeProof vinyl flooring

Finally, there are a few things to consider when making your choice. This way you can choose within this line. The most suitable floor for your home.

How to choose the right flooring

Wear layer

According to the thickness of the wear layer, you will choose the most suitable one. Remember that if the layer is 6 mm it is ideal for entrances and halls. On the other hand, if it is 12 mm it is ideal for any place inside your home. Likewise, if it is 22 mm it is ideal if you have big dogs.

Home Spaces

Due to their antimicrobial properties, they are perfect if you have children or pets. Or if you suffer from allergies. Also, because they are waterproof you can use them in bathrooms and kitchens. Keep these features in mind when choosing your LifeProof floors.

On the other hand, with its natural relief designs. You can use them perfectly in your living rooms, halls, and bedrooms. Because it will provide you with a cozy and beautiful space.

Lifetime warranty

This feature is important when choosing your floors for your home. Besides, it is one of the main advantages if you are looking for durable floors. The guarantees of these floors for life, give you security and confidence in your purchase.

This way, you can choose your LifeProof floors. Beautiful and natural designs. Durable wear layers. Quiet, comfortable, and warm. Perfect for homes with big dogs.