How to Install Laminate Flooring

How to Install Laminate Flooring

Are you looking for how to install laminate flooring by yourself? so you are in the right place because here and now, we are going to learn how to install them together step by step as a beginner.

Here we go,

Installing laminate flooring is a simple process, in other words, it can be installed over existing floors or flooring; with some advice, you will do it like a professional. Its main advantage in the installation is being a floating floor. Unlike traditional flooring, it is not attached to the floor. Its sheets allow a perfect fit and as a result an imitation wood look, with half the material and cost of a solid wood floor. It won’t take more than a day to install, so let’s get started.


What you will need for laminate flooring installation

First of all, you must have all the tools and of course, the materials for the project:


  • Laminate flooring
  • Baseboards
  • Transition pieces
  • Putty
  • Underlayment
  • Tape measure
  • Spacers / Dividers
  • Knock block


  • Rubber mallet
  • Table or Miter Saw
  • Nail gun or hammer
  • Pencil
  • Speed square
  • Retractable knife
  • Pull bar


Where to start

One of the main questions and above all decisive for the success of the laminate flooring installation is where to start. Therefore, it is important to consider several aspects:

  • To begin with, it’s better to do it with the longest wall in the room. This will help you to have to cut fewer sheets, save material, and time.
  • Besides, take into account the light entering the site, starting with the wall that is perpendicular to the light. This will allow the floor to be in the direction of the light. If you have a lot of light entry, decide to start with the one that brings the most light into space.
  • Finally, to decide where to start, consider the entrances (doors) to space. Start with the wall that has the most entrances, which means you will have to cut less material and the floor will be easier to finish.


What you should keep in mind

Laminate flooring bases

The floor for the right laminate flooring installation must be smooth, flat, and clean. These conditions are indispensable if you want to have good results, since, they can generate bulges and deformations which are difficult to fix. It is important to say that, the laminate flooring installation over an old floor, either ceramic or cement, is much more effective and provides stability to the floor. During the installation on the sub-floor, it is recommended to place a concrete base and a moisture or steam base. These bases are placed under the subfloor or underlayment.

Acclimate laminate flooring

Since the sheets can expand or contract depending on the ambient temperature, it is important to acclimate them before installation. This requires that the boards, in other words, all the material to be installed must be in the room at least 72 hours before installation.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions:

Although here are all the tips and steps necessary for installing laminate flooring, it is better to read all the manufacturer’s instructions. The reason for this is that your floor may have some particular characteristic that requires other actions, therefore, you will need other elements and considerations.


Step by step to install laminate flooring

Now you have everything you need to start the installation. These steps are simple and effective and at the end… some helpful tips:

Step 1 – Preparing the floor

The first step is to clean up thoroughly the surface where you are going to install the laminate flooring. Make sure that it is level, as this can lead to gaps and problems when walking on the laminate floor.

Step 2 – Roll out the underlayment on the floor

Meanwhile, roll out the underlayment over the surface you have cleaned. This will absorb moisture from the floor, prevent future problems, and also help absorb sound. For that reason, it is important not to overlap the base pieces so as not to generate unevenness in the laminate flooring. The underlayment pieces are secured with the tape measure to prevent them from coming loose.


Step 3 – Install the first row

After that, based on the wall you selected to start with, install the first row from left to right. Be sure to place the finished side up and the side with the shortest notch facing the wall. Don’t forget to place the spacers against the wall on all sides of the sheet to leave the necessary space.


Subsequently, install the second piece of the row, securing it to the first piece with a rubber mallet and tapping block. Make sure that the first line of the row (the one against the wall) is completely straight, no matter if you have to separate it and bring it a little closer to the wall. And continue to the end of the line.

How to Install Laminate Flooring

Step 4 – Install the last piece in the first row

The last piece will probably be longer than the space available, mark the measurement with the pencil and use the table saw to cut it. If a table saw is not available, this can be done with a lamination cutter. Besides being quiet, it is more practical and easier to purchase. It is better to cut the pieces from the back of the blade to ensure the aesthetics of the floor. And don’t forget to consider the space between the wall and the sheet.

Step 5 – Install the second row

Start with the second row of your laminate flooring with the remaining part of the last sheet of the first row. Make sure the floor is staggered, do not line up the seams between rows. This can cause structural problems on the laminate floor you are installing. To secure this piece to the first row, use the click system, which is to join the groove to the tongue. Check that the space between the sheets is completely closed.

How to Install Laminate Flooring

Step 6 – Install the remaining rows of the floor

Similarly, the subsequent rows start with the part left over from the previous row. They are fitted to the previous row and from the second row, they are fitted to the first with the rubber mallet and striking block. Do the same procedure until you have the space of the last row.

Step 7 – Install the last row of the laminate flooring

For the last row, you will need to measure the space available, not forgetting the space between the sheet and the wall. Cut the sheets to size for a perfect fit. To adjust, use the pull bar and hammer so that the gaps between the sheets are closed. Don’t forget to place the spacers along the edge of the floor against the wall.

How to Install Laminate Flooring

Step 8 – Final touches for the laminate flooring

Once the laminate flooring has been installed, the final touches are made. These relate to the installation of the moldings and transition pieces. The moldings are installed around the walls making sure that all the spaces between the floor and the wall are hidden. To secure them, use the nail gun or hammer. Transition pieces are installed where the new floor meets the old floors. Cut the piece to size, and according to the system you have, adjust it with nails or glue it to the end plates.

In conclusion, with these simple steps you have managed to answer your question: how to install laminate flooring, all you need to do is enjoy your product.


Useful tips about how to install laminate flooring

Finally, here are some useful tips for successfully installing laminate flooring:

  • If the room is small, you can measure the slats on the floor before you start installing the laminate floor. As a result, this helps to have a better planning of the laminate flooring.
  • Do not use any tape to adjust the underlayment. Use the one recommended by the manufacturer or, for example, the one that comes with the base you purchased.
  • When you need to install the laminate flooring under a cabinet or door, use a saw to cut the part that is against the floor. This will allow the laminate flooring to fit snugly and improve the appearance of your floor.
  • If your space is not perfectly square, start with the straightest wall you have. That way, you won’t have any problems when you move forward with the laminate flooring installation.


Come on and watch with us how to install laminate flooring in the video tutorial below…

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