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What’s The Best Flooring For Dogs?

When choosing your floors, keep in mind different factors. Especially if you have dogs in your home. They are beautiful and part of the family, but when it comes to the floors, you have to choose properly. That’s why we have prepared this article to show you the best flooring for dogs. Here you will find what to do and what not to do. As well as, the advantages and disadvantages of the best options. The best tips on cleaning and maintaining your dog’s floor. And if you have already chosen, we will tell you how to make your floors more friendly for your four-legged friends.

These are some things to consider when choosing your floors when you have dogs. They should be scratch and scuff resistant. They should also be easy to clean and durable. As well as water-resistant.  So, your dogs will be comfortable. And you can be confident.

Best flooring for dogs

What is the best flooring for dogs?

Among many options in floors that exist in the market. Some stand out as the best flooring for dogs. Even if your pets are the most educated. Accidents can always happen. That’s why there are more and more pet-friendly floors on the market. However, even though they are the best for your dogs, they have pros and cons.

Let’s not forget the two most important features in the best flooring for dogs. Waterproof and of course, scratch-resistant. So before we get into the details, we will describe these two qualities and their importance.

Waterproof or water-resistant

When you have dogs in your home you know that water can be very common. Not only due to the accidents that can happen. Also because their water or food can spill on your floor. Like, water or mud on their paws when they play.

For these reasons, you need your flooring for dogs to be waterproof. Or with a high level of water resistance. Because some floors can be damaged by spills.

Scratch-resistant floors

Your dogs’ nails are much harder than yours. Besides, they are in direct contact with your floors. That’s why it requires that your dog floors resist scratches.

If they are soft floors, the joy may be short-lived with your new floors. Therefore, you should keep in mind that doggie floor options are hard. You can add a protective layer. You can also look for a design that blends in with the scratches.

Best flooring for dogs

With the information, we have collected for you. You will be able to make the best decision, whether to buy or remodel your floors. Always thinking about your best friends. That’s why we have the best flooring options for dogs. Of course, tile and stone floors top the list. Cork floors follow closely behind. We also have luxury vinyl floors. As well as engineered wood floors and closing the list the bamboo floors. Let’s look at each of them.

1- Tile and stone floors

Besides being hard, they are water-resistant. That is to say, they fulfill the two basic qualities to be suitable for dogs. They are also resistant to stains and easy to clean. That is why they are at the top of the list of the best options in flooring for dogs.

With tile or stone floors you will stop worrying about your puppies’ urine stains. Also, they can have long nails, because they resist scratching. On top of that, prices for these types of floors are affordable.

However, from your pet’s point of view, there may be better options. Because these floors are usually cold and hard. So, you will need to have a bed for your dogs somewhere. They won’t want to lie down on that cold floor. Even more so if you live in a place where the weather is cold or the winter is harsh. You may want to consider other options or invest in a heating system.

Tile for pets

Pros: Its main advantages are: waterproof and scratch-resistant. Also, they are stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Cons: Its main disadvantages are: cold underfoot. Uncomfortable for your dogs.

2- Cork floors

If you desire a floor that is suitable for your dogs and belongs to the wood family. Cork may be your best option. Besides being attractive it is anti-microbial. In other words, bacteria and fungi are less likely to grow on these floors. They are also water-resistant. So if you can’t clean up spills immediately, you can do so later without major consequences.

On the other hand, these floors have another advantage, they absorb sound. So they are ideal if you are a pet and silence lover. They are also scratch-resistant. Although less than tiles, which means they can still be scratched. So if you choose this option, make sure you have a strong protective layer.

Prices are also affordable. Finally, it can be mentioned that they provide natural warmth to the spaces. That is, from your dogs’ point of view, they will prefer this option.

Cork floors for pets

Pros: Its main advantages are: antimicrobial, absorbing noise. They are also warm and comfortable.

Cons: Among their disadvantages are: they are not the most scratch resistant. Besides, they can discolor over time.

3- Luxury vinyl flooring

If you want an excellent option for pets with the dream design. The luxury vinyl will surely be your choice. Let’s remember that, luxury vinyl flooring is one of the widest in design and appearance. Because they can closely imitate tile, stone, and wood.

In this option, you can have luxury planks or luxury tiles. Because both work well with pets. Because these floors are very durable. If you choose high quality, you are sure to have luxury floors for many years, even with your pets.

They fulfill the two basic qualities. Besides, they are durable and scratch-resistant. They are water-resistant and in some options even waterproof. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Finally, luxury vinyl flooring is soft underfoot. And therefore they are comfortable for your pets. They have a better grip than other options. So if you have an older dog, this may be your best option.

Vinyl floors for dogs

Pros: Like its main advantages can be mentioned: water and scratch-resistant. You can also find a variety of designs and styles. And they are comfortable for dogs.

Cons: Their disadvantages are: they are not as durable as wood floors. Also, they can be slippery for the legs.

4- Engineered wood floors

If you still want hardwood for your floors, keep your dogs. You will love this option. So, choose engineered wood flooring. But be sure to buy the highest quality and strongest. They can be Brazilian cherry or white oak, the most resistant of this class.

Despite its hardness, it can be prone to scratching. So make sure you have a protective layer. Besides, a rustic style design can mix well with some scratches. And maintain the natural beauty of the wood.

Hardwood floors for dogs

Pros: As the advantages we have: the scratches can be less noticeable. More water-resistant than solid wood. As well as easy to clean.

Cons: Their main disadvantages: they are less resistant to water and scratches than other options.

5- Bamboo Floors

If you prefer another option similar to wood and with a more natural look. You may be interested in bamboo flooring. These floors are extremely durable. That’s why they are resistant to stains and scratches.

Within the options of bamboo flooring, braids are recommended. Since not, all bamboo flooring is the same. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain and stain-resistant. This is why they are ideal for dogs.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who prefer environmentally sustainable options. Bamboo floors will be your best option. Unlike other options, these floors are environmentally friendly.

Bamboo floors for dogs

Pros: The main advantages of bamboo flooring are: durable, scratch, and stain-resistant. Also, they are environmentally friendly.

Cons: The disadvantages are: there are bamboo options that may not be as durable. They are also more moisture susceptible than other options.

What are the flooring options you should avoid for dogs?

Now, after showing you the best options. It is also important to say which floor options you should avoid if you have dogs. It doesn’t mean you can’t have them. Only that, they are not the most suitable and they can generate avoidable expenses and time. Here we find two options. The first one is the carpets. The second is solid wood. We explain to you why:

Best flooring for dogs


Although it may seem obvious, it is better to know why. Carpets, especially thicker ones. They absorb your dogs’ hair and fibers. Moreover, they are prone to stains and hard to clean.

If you still prefer the warmth and softness of this type of floor. You will certainly have to invest in cleaning and maintenance. Besides, you will need special treatments against fleas, ticks, and other pests.

Cons: In short, the cons of carpets as far as your dogs are concerned: They retain hair and dirt and are prone to pests.

Solid wood floors

One of their main features is that they are not suitable for pets. Due to they are not waterproof. Therefore, any spill or accident can cause irreparable damage.

Also, these floors are not the most scratch-resistant on the market. Because of this, if you still want to invest in this option. Make sure you have a resistant layer.

Cons: The cons of solid wood as far as your dogs are concerned: They are prone to scratches and are not resistant to water or spills.

Maintenance and cleaning of your flooring for dogs

As mentioned above, the best flooring options for dogs. They are easy to clean and maintain. But, it doesn’t hurt to have the best advice to do it properly. Keeping in mind that with dogs in the home. Dirt and accidents are usually daily bread.

To start, consider having a hair vacuum routine. As well as sweeping your floors frequently. This routine can be done daily, so it will take less time and keep your floors beautiful. But, frankly, this may not be a reality. That’s why we recommend you do it at least three times a week.

Every week, mop the surfaces according to the type of floor you have chosen. And it never hurts to clean up spills as soon as possible. If you have a hard stain, there are inexpensive and effective home options.

Also, to maintain your floors, place mats under the water bowls. This way you avoid spills on the floor surface as much as possible. Keep your dog clean and give him frequent baths. It also contributes to the diminution of hair and fibers inside the home.

Even if their floors are scratch-resistant. It’s better to be safe. That’s why it’s advisable to keep your best friends’ nails short. Besides, entrance mats are never out of place. This is to reduce the entry of dust and grit.

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Flooring for dogs: Frequently asked questions

Sometimes it is not enough to find the best choice in flooring for dogs. There are usually questions we would like to answer. To offer the best to our pet. That is why we have prepared this section.

Cat and dog

How to clean mud stains effectively?

In this case, it is best to have a waterproof floor option. To clean them, just wash with a little water and soap. This way, the stains will disappear.

What to do with my dog’s hair?

If you have not chosen carpets for your floors. This will certainly not be your biggest problem. In any case, for the pets’ hair. Vacuum cleaners are the most effective. So make sure you do it daily if you have carpets. If not, you can do it every third day without a problem.

What to do with my dog’s urine spots?

If the stain is on a carpet. Use a mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate. Pour a good amount of vinegar first. Then, sprinkle the baking soda over the vinegar. Let them work until the stain has lifted.

If the stain occurred on another type of floor, you should only use soap and water in a mild cleaning. You can also use some special cleaner to remove the bad smell. In any case, it is best to have a waterproof floor. Like waterproof luxury vinyl. Or tiles and stone.

What do I do if my dog has high-frequency accidents?

The problem may be medical. So it is recommended to visit the veterinary as a first option. But, if you have an older dog, you may have to accept the problem. In this case, you will need a waterproof floor. Within the best options considering the tiles and the luxury vinyl floors.

If you have any other questions regarding flooring for dogs. Please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or whatsapp. We will be happy to answer you.

How to make your floors more dog-friendly?

Finally, we want to leave you with some useful advice. Focused on making your current floors or the ones you have chosen, more friendly with your dogs. Here we leave you with the best advice:

  • On hard floors: the best options are tiles and stone. It is best to use carpets in some spaces to provide more warmth to the home. And use beds for your dogs.
  • On slippery floors: you can consider rustic or textured designs. This way you will give more grip to its legs.
  • For floors susceptible to scratching: the best thing in these cases is to keep your dogs’ nails short.
  • For floors prone to spills: we talk about cork or bamboo floors. Use puppy training pads in the most prone places. Teach him to go there more often.

The flooring options for dogs on the market are more suitable every day. Surely, you will find the one that fits you and your dog’s needs

Floors for pets

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